"Architecture is layers, combining traces of the past and technology of the future."Nicole Saikalis

Saikalis Architects

Saikalis Architects is an Architecture and Interior Design Consultancy based in Chelsea, London. The firm builds on two generations of experience in new construction and the renovation of traditional living spaces.

Nicole Saikalis founded the firm in 2000. She is a Greek-Lebanese Architect qualified in France as Architect DPLG and is a member of the RIBA.

our main strengths include:

A proven track record of high-end renovation and remodeling projects in London, Paris, Beirut and Abu Dhabi.
Precision and quality in the planning and execution of projects, including well-established working relationships with reliable, quality contractors.
Bringing to your project a touch of continental and Mediterranean Europe, offering you a warm and comfortable environment, which reflects your preferences within the living space.
Combining imaginative and contemporary solutions with traditional buildings.
Efficient project and cost management.

process and services

We undertake all planning applications to be submitted to your local authority.
Our scope of projects runs from initial concepts through to the tendering stage and into the management and practical completion of the project.
Clients are kept up to date on any necessary changes, thus ensuring a smooth and successful outcome, whilst respecting economical issues.
From simple extensions and conservatories to a complete house, we provide a full and comprehensive architectural service - from kitchen and bathroom design to furniture conception.

what to do next?

We have the knowledge and skills to achieve a successful transformation.
Architectural consultancy fees can be based on a percentage of the total construction cost, on an hourly basis or on a lump sum. You can select all or part of an Architectural service; from an initial design discussion through to the final delivery of the project.