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With a view to combining two units on different floors and thus creating one apartment to better meet the needs of a growing family, we proposed to implement an internal staircase between the units . By introducing the staircase we would not only provide a connection between the two floors, but we would also include a design statement and a spacious display unit. With an elegant line, the floating staircase is made of stainless steel stepped stringers, a bolted glass balustrade and smoked oak steps.

In the lower level, we rearranged partitions in such a way to include 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and the living room. The top floor is devoted to the children and was designed to follow the style of the lower floor.

Colourful stone in brilliant red was proposed for the bathrooms together with Hansgrohe fittings. Dark oak flooring throughout the apartment reminded the sliding shoji panel doors in the main living room and Viabizzuno rimless lighting was used to emphasis the minimalist yet warm and elegant style of the property.

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